Join the Community Built Creator Guild

Share your knowledge, become a B2B community thought leader. It's that simple.

Our Creator Guild is filled with B2B community folks who share their experiences, strategies, learnings, and more to elevate the community industry as a whole, and become thought leaders in the space.

Become a thought leader in the B2B community space

There's plenty of ways for you to get involved - to name a few, you could author a blog post for the blog, be interviewed for our video interview series, or create a course to include in our Community course library.

Write a blog post or an e-book

Passionate about technology? Maybe you get jazzed about new member onboarding? Something else that gets you excited, like member engagement?

If it's relevant to community, then it probably deserves a spot on. All blog posts also get included in our too, and you'd be the published author.

Create a course

Do you have systems expertise with commonly used community tools? Maybe you're a new member onboarding ninja? Or you've built high performing Community teams?

Drop some knowledge on your fellow community members with an on-demand or live instruction virtual course.

Drop some knowledge in a video interview

Are you so incredibly passionate about a community topic that you could literally talk for days about it? 

Well, we'd love it if you did that.

With our video series, we interview community thought leaders over video and post these sessions to our website, along with some written copy.

Why join the Community Built Creator Guild?

Paid Opportunities Available
Your time and expertise are valuable - we appreciate the work you'll be doing for us, and the community as a whole. You deserve to be compensated.
Build Credibility
As part of the Creator Guild, you'll be recognized as an authority in the industry, which never hurts when it comes to potential jobs or prospective clients.
Get Discovered
Build visibility for your professional brand with regular bylines and comment features in content the Community Built team creates.

Got questions?

We've got answers. Something still on your mind though? Drop us a note at
How often do I need to contribute?
Community folks have A LOT going on — we get that. We're not putting a minimum cap on content created. That said, we're not putting a max limit on things either. We'd love for you to contribute as many articles, blog posts, white papers and educational courses as you're able.
I'm not a professional writer or instructor - am I still eligible? 
Of course! If you're a competent writer or presenter, we'd love to have you. Our Content team will work with you to make sure everything is perfect we hit that publish button.

I haven't been in community for very long - is that a problem?
Variety is the spice of life, or so they say.

That's our way of saying no, it's not a problem — we're interested in learnings and unique perspectives from both seasoned community veterans those new to the field.
Can I create content on whatever I want?
If it's Community-related, the short answer is yes. But we'll work with you upfront to confirm each content piece before you get cracking, so we can avoid  duplicate or unnecessary work.
Can I republish work I've already written on my own platform?
Nope. All Creator Guild content is hot off the press, so to speak, and has not appeared elsewhere (like on LinkedIn, Medium or your own website).
Can I publish my Creator Guild articles on my own blog or website?
Another no, unfortunately. Our lovely Google mother-lord reads duplicate content as plagiarized, and would probably end up hiding both articles from searchers. This is sad, we know. 😕